7th October 2017 

This one day workshop is an introduction to energy healing for animals and animal communication.  You will  learn how to strengthen your bond with your pets,  discover how to tap in to the energy that is all around and use it to connect with your animals physically, mentally and spiritually.

No previous experience is necessary.


Book tickets for this event here.

I discovered energy healing out of desperation to heal a very sick cat in 2000, you can read about my experience here.  Shortly after this I looked into learning Reiki and in 2007 I became a Reiki Master.  I have worked with animals for most of my working life running a successful canine behaviour practice for over 20 years from which I have now retired and also working as a veterinary assistant. Animals are my life!  I have given healing to many different sorts of animals one of the most unusual was a tiny bat that was bought into the veterinary practice presumed to be fatally injured by a lady’s cat.  I held it in my hands gave it Reiki and it sprung to life which made me jump!

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