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Animal Communication Workshop Early Bird

2nd & 3rd June Haslemere, Surrey. Early bird workshop tickets available until 30th April 2018 when the full price of £185.00 is applicable. This is a 2 day comprehensive workshop to develop participant’s skills, knowledge and behaviours to build effective, validated communication with other species.  To raise awareness of the benefits of Animal Communication for participants and for their animal “communicatees”, along with the need to act as Animal Ambassadors/Advocates.


7 thoughts on “Animal Communication Workshop Tickets

  1. Hi there, I’m very interested in this workshop, I’m not sure yet wether I’m able to take that Sunday off as there is a big show on at the Equestrian Centre I work at😬. Do you do these these workshops regularly? so I can do this at a later date if I can’t take part this time.

    Thank you

    Kim Garland

    1. Hello Kim,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We don’t have a firmed up date for another one yet, but yes there should be another one later in the year.

      Warmest wishes,
      Lesley & Sam

  2. Hi as this is a reiki course does it qualify as level 1? And if attended would I get a certificate at the end? I have two dogs could I bring them with me or keep them in th car and let out during the day?

    1. Hello Katy, Thank you for getting in touch. This is a course on animal communication, we will be offering an animal Reiki course later in the year for people who are Reiki 1 and above. We are happy to discuss and facilitate attunements with you.

      The animal communication course will focus on inter-species communication working both remotely and with a variety of guest animals. We are unable to allow people to bring their own pets to either of our two venues and should there be some warm weather in June we would not advise leaving them in the car. All attendees will receive a certificate at the end of the course, also ongoing support and the opportunity for further development. I hope this answers all your questions, please do get in touch again if we can be of any further help. Love and light, Samantha and Lesley x

      1. Hi Sam and Lesley thank you for your reply. I think it would suit me better to do the animal reiki course later in the year so perhaps you can inform me when you have some dates and I can make arrangements for the dogs.

      2. Yes of course, we will put you on the list. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like any more information.
        Lesley and Sam x

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