“Those of you who know Lesley will be aware of her enormous empathy with all of our four legged companions. Those of you who don’t, you would be absolutely amazed at her connection and tuning in on their thoughts either from a distance or hands on. It really is wonderful to see the expression on the animal’s face as they realise this person can understand how they are feeling and if there is a health problem she is able to pinpoint from where the trouble lies.  I have seen her bring a cat, who had all but given up, after a complicated operation, back, from passing away.  There have been so many animals she has helped over the years.  She truly is very gifted” Helene


“Lesley has a wealth of knowledge coupled with the all important intuition to know exactly what is needed with your dog.  Her observations and advice have helped enromously.  Thank you Lesley” Louise, Eastbourne

“Lesley’s experience with working with dogs and their owners is second to none. She has huge experience in the field and there is also no doubting her passion for the well being of dogs and their owners.” Julian, Cornwall

“Lesley has so much experience and knowlege with dogs.” Amy, Hailsham

“I have learned so much! I can now go out and not worry about what I am going to come home to.  Thank you.”  Mrs P, Seaford

“Dear Lesley, This is to say a big THANK YOU for me and my little dog, who is now much better behaved. She had been so skittish around other smaller dogs or those on a lead, it caused her to badly behave and get snappy, leading to problems with behaviour and I felt embarrassed to take her out without a lead. But you have changed all that – you spent time with us both, and not only did you train her to come to me if other dogs approached, but you also trained me not to panic and take command! By doing this BOTH of us gained not only control of possible problems but we both gained confidence and our bond became much stronger, she is now a very happy dog off lead and I can trust her to avoid situation that could cause her any anxiety, she comes to me and stays by my side, sits down and waits till I tell her to play! Thank you Lesley, we are both very happy with all types of dog now and she is the dream dog I hoped she would me. M.”  Hailsham, East Sussex

“Many thanks for a great session. Introducing a puppy to an established pack has real challenges and with my tribe there is little room for getting it wrong. So I called upon Lesley’s expertise for advice and guidance. I knew using time out was imperative but wasn’t entirely sure the best way to implement. I know now and have already been working with sending Sophie to her mat. And Lesley I have to say it works great and she is now remaining in the down position 😊😊 it certainly helps to have a dog that loves to work. The session was invaluable.”  Sophie’s mum, Eastbourne

“We really had a great time training our Cavalier puppy, Louis. Thank you for all your help and advice, Lesley.”  Mr & Mrs S Eastbourne.

“Thank you for teaching me to train my hooligan Labrador! The training sessions were fun and we really enjoyed them, he is now a joy to be with.” – Katie, Hailsham