I have a dream that one day all people will recognise that animals feel, pain, emotional trauma and love.

When I started working with dogs I found  that I seemed to be more ‘in tune’ with their feelings both physical and emotional than other folk.  AND THEN…. I was attuned to Reiki and a whole other world began to open up.  I found that I could just look at any animal and tell where it was in pain or if it was suffering some way emotionally and then friends began giving me pictures of animals and asking if I could ‘tune in’ to them as they they knew something wasn’t right, but no one could put their finger on what.

I began getting messages, like subtle whispers that would float through my brain and writing them down to give to their owners.  Then I began to get positive feedback as changes were made to the animal’s lives or as on one occasion the vet was asked to do a test on a German Shepherd dog that got to the route cause of his problems. This was actually working!  I was amazed!  I have been able to sketch stables and paddocks that were many miles away from me as the horse in question, Bob, allowed me to communicate with him.

How animal communication works for me:
Firstly I need the permission of the animal, much like people occasionally they are a closed book.  Then and most importantly to realise this is not like a Skype session it requires quiet and a meditative state on my part to open the ‘phone’ line.  With a strong connection it is possible to receive thoughts, messages, feelings and pictures from the animal, but much like our day to day communications some connections are stronger than others.  This is not governed by distance a good connection can be achieved with me in the UK looking at a photograph of and animal in Australia or the USA.

I still find it mind blowing and will often do a little dance around the room after a good reading (I just can’t help myself).

Please get in touch if you would like a reading or more information.